I had great fun with Mr Potato Head in two of my therapy sessions today!
Do you have one at home / in your nursery?


  • Take turns - Put children in pairs or small groups and support them taking turns adding parts onto Mr Potato Head / take turns between you and your child.

  • Share - Talk about sharing when you take turns. Praise children for good waiting and good sharing.

  • Listen - give your child/ren instructions to follow. 
    Vary this according to their age/ ability. For example, 1 body part for an 18-24month old (“Put a nose on”), 2 body parts for a 2 year old (“put eyes and a mouth on”), 3 body parts for a 3 year old (“Put eyes, some feet and a mouth on”).

  • Talk - encourage your child to describe what they’re doing e.g. “I put eyes on”

  • Play around and talk about what Mr Potato Head is doing e.g. “He is stamping his feet”, “Mr Potato Head is wiggling his ears!”

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Authorverity mitchell