"Choosing someone to work with your child at such a critical stage in their development is a really tough decision. From the moment we first spoke to Verity we realised we'd found someone who had an incredible blend of focus and depth of knowledge with huge empathy and understanding. Our son has made rapid progress under Verity's guidance and we couldn't be happier."

David – father of 5 year old son.

“We were recommended to Verity by a friend.
Our son who is bilingual was speech delayed and a poor communicator which was the root of a whole set of behaviour issues and frustrations.
Verity invited us into her clinic and set to work in analysing our son's problems.  Her professional approach and techniques were easy to understand and made the world of difference - it was a surprise to see improved communicate results so quickly.  
Our communication skills for supporting our son were refreshed and new techniques taught at regular sessions. After several behaviour and communication play sessions, we had a good foundation to then practice these techniques at home on an ongoing basis by ourselves.
We were lucky to meet her.”

Seda and Brian - parents of a 3 year old son - speech & language delay, related behaviour difficulties.

“We’ve been coming here for four years now. The girls have come on very well. Verity is very patient and the best therapist we’ve ever had. Elizabeth recently won an award at school for the “Most improved student in communication” and I put that down to Verity’s work. Verity is always cheerful and never rushes her sessions. Both girls enjoy coming here. I definitely recommend Verity to anyone needing an SLT.”

Alison - mother of 11 and 13 year old girls - both cochlea implant users.

"Since starting our sessions with Verity, we have seen big improvements in helping our little man to find his voice :). In addition to working closely with us to guide and support our son, he also really looks forward to the sessions with Verity. We can't thank her enough for all the support she has given us all over the last 6 months"

Tom - father of 3 year old son.


"Verity has been incredibly professional and well informed whilst supporting my 2 year old son with his speech and language requirements. The environment she offers is friendly and relaxed and she has provided a great variety of methods to support his language development."

Sarah – mother of 2 year old son.


"We have asked Verity for help with 2 of our children now. On both occasions she was incredibly patient, kind and helped hugely with our children's speech. I think it was mostly because she took the time to take a good history and assessment and she rightly suggested that hearing tests were needed. As a result of her assessment we sought ENT input which helped together with the SLT programme she created for our children."

Dr M - mother of 3 children.


“We first came to see Verity because my son had speech delay and had trouble being understood by anyone but me.

Verity was calm and kind throughout the process and my son always felt at ease at every session.

She helped him immensely with his speech and confidence and made each session feel like play rather than ’work’.

He has since started primary school and has made lots of friends and is so happy there, and his speech therapy played a big part in that. I cannot recommend Verity highly enough.“

Serena – mother of 4 year old son.


"Our time with Verity improved my son's communication greatly. She helped us lay the foundations to improve both his understanding, and his interaction with those around him. His speech continues to improve, but the key success for us was his engagement with the world. As a direct result of the exercises Verity gave us, he is more focused, he learns better, he is happier and calmer.

We as a family now communicate more effectively. We learned that speech therapy isn't just about how you form words, it's about everything around it, and Verity did a great job giving us the skills to help him develop and express himself for now and in the future."

Jo – mother of 3 year old son.


"We started seeing Verity in March of this year and after only a few sessions my husband and I already felt more equipped and informed in ways we could support our son with his speech development at home.

Verity is a very friendly therapist and made a great connection with my son very early on. She plans interesting and fun sessions and, as a parent, I can get very much involved. Verity is very flexible and has allowed me to bring my little girl to sessions when I haven't had additional childcare.

Following 3 months of weekly sessions, my son has developed really well and we are really pleased with his confidence and improvement. When asked, Verity has also supported us with informing and supporting our nursery with George's learning structure.

I would highly recommend Verity @ VeriVoice when looking for a private speech and language therapist."

Lara L. - parent of George L., age 4.


VeriVoice Speech & Language Therapy.

Owner: Verity Mitchell, BSc. (Hons), HPC reg., Cert MRCSLT, MASLTIP.