I hope that this website answers most, or even all, of your questions. If you think you are interested in seeing me then please do call for a chat, email me, or  fill in the form below. If you feel happy to proceed with my services then we can book an appointment to suit you. 


Tel: 020 8613 0212

E-mail: mail@verivoicetherapy.co.uk


If you do choose to come and see me you will need to sign a copy of the following Terms & Conditions at the beginning of our first appointment.

You can view the VeriVoice SLT Privacy Policy here for information on how yours and your child's details are used and stored. 


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VeriVoice Speech & Language Therapy.

Owner: Verity Mitchell, BSc. (Hons), HPC reg., Cert MRCSLT, MASLTIP.