Services & Pricelist

Initial assessment: (typically 60-90 minutes)

Please note: all children coming to see me for therapy sessions must have an assessment session with me first.

£110 for 0-7 year olds who do not have a diagnosis of hearing loss / Deafness

£125 for Deaf children from 0 - 18 months of age

£150 for Deaf children from 18months - 18 years of age


Assessment sessions include:

·         Case history – this is when I will discuss with you your child’s development to date, and any other possible factors that may be affecting your child’s communication development.  

·         Informal assessment – observations of and/or direct play with your child. After years of experience I can observe a lot about a child’s communication skills through observation and play.

·         Formal assessment (depending on child’s age and needs) –

o   I have a range of standardised assessments; depending on your child’s needs I may administer one or more of these. Standardised assessments give scores which can then be compared to the scores of same aged children with typically developing speech and language skills – this gives an age equivalent for your child’s level of communication skills. Results also often guide what skills to target first in therapy.

o   I have a range of formal assessments for Deaf children; these are to get a detailed record of their current communication level which in turn enables therapy planning and measures progress.

·         Results – I will discuss with you the results of the assessment/s and what they mean.

·         Next steps – I will discuss with you what needs to be done next; if therapy is required I will talk you through the options for intervention.

A handwritten summary report – at the end of the session I will finish filling in an assessment summary report which I will scan, and then you can take away the hard copy.


Detailed assessment report: £65 per hour of time (typically 1-2 hours)

This is a detailed report on each area of communication development (attention & listening, play, understanding of language, talking, speech sounds, social skills), and incorporates relevant information from the parent interview. It also includes future recommendations, and any relevant general advice.


Therapy session: £70 (typically 45-60 minutes)

Please note: all children coming to see me for therapy sessions must have an assessment session with me first.

These typically involve:

  • Parental feedback / update – how did your child get on with the activities at home? Have there been any changes / challenges?
  • Therapy activities (typically 30-40minutes) – the aim is to keep things fun while still achieving serious results.
  • Homework – discussion on what will be done at home before the next session; this will be agreed and homework activities written down to take away.
  • Parent / guardian involvement is vital to therapy. I believe that the best way for your child to make progress is to get daily support from someone who knows them well. As a therapist there are many techniques / activities that I can ‘train’ you to do – getting this daily input from you is far more effective than just coming to me for one hour a week with no other input. 

Progress summary report: £65 per hour of time (typically 1-3 hours depending on complexity of child's case)

This is a report which summarises the baseline assessment results, therapy interventions that have been carried out, any progress made, and what the future recommendations are.  


Home / Nursery / School program & Resources: £65 per hour of time (typically 1-2 hours)

A program plus resources may be appropriate in the following situations:

  • If it is felt that a break in 1:1 therapy sessions is needed,
  • If it is felt that your child’s communication needs can be easily met by yourself carrying out a daily program with them at home for a few weeks/months. 
  • If, in addition to therapy sessions, you would like a program sent to your child’s nursery/school – this can entail advice on how best to support your child in class and / or give activities for the staff to work through with your child.

Phone consultation: £30 per half hour

This is a pre-arranged consultation, usually with the key worker / teacher in your child’s educational setting.  This will enable me to understand your child’s behaviour and communication skills in their nursery / school, and equip me to give relevant advice / support.

Travel Costs:

I see clients in my clinic room in Forest Hill. In extenuating circumstances I can visit children on-site. The cost of travel is £32.50 per hour (so £16.25 for a half hour commute, and so on) plus 45p per mile (fuel rate).


Speech and language therapy is a professional role, and has many hidden costs. 

In addition to the sessions, the fees paid also cover the cost of:

  • time and materials spent preparing for the assessment / therapy sessions and the writing of notes thereafter.
  • time spent keeping up to date with the latest research and therapies.
  • buying and maintaining therapy resources.
  • buying and maintaining assessment resources.
  • attendance at training courses to stay up to date.
  • payment of professional fees.
  • payment of website and domain fees.

VeriVoice Speech & Language Therapy.

Owner: Verity Mitchell, BSc. (Hons), HPC reg., Cert MRCSLT, MASLTIP.